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The Hulbert Group International, West Vancouver, B.C., Canada Ninety percent of The Hulbert Group's assignments over the past 20 years have been with developers. When working with a developer, we become an extension of that developer. We become responsible for getting the job done as if it were our own project.
Our problem solving abilities are driven by the following creed:
  • Ultimately it is the paying consumer that determines the success of every project
  • The key to marketable, economically feasible innovation is to stay two or three steps ahead of the competition, not five or six
  • The real profit is sitting in the last 20% of the unsold product
  • Maintain flexibility throughout the approvals process
  • Tackle the negative issues early and let the positive solutions drive the overall scheme
  • Until zoning has been received, you will not have achieved true value from our services.
Coal Harbour "On the one hand, Mr. Hulbert's experience and creative skills as an urban planner are balanced by his ability to gain the confidence of a stakeholder workshop, a public hearing or a meeting with concerned neighbours and municipal staff. As our lead consultant, Mr. Hulbert has also expertly worked with many of our other technical consultants on this project, from traffic through engineering and public art."
Graeme Stamp, Regional Vice President Development Marathon Realty Ltd.

Hailed as a triumph in urban planning and design

The Westminster Quay Progress Report,
August 24, 1985

  Westminster Quay Aerial Photo
1000 Beach, Vancouver, B.C.

Beauty and the Beach - waterfront condos create a smart new community

The Vancouver Sun,
New Homes Section,
Saturday, January 20, 1990

"Hulbert's dedication to making a house a home provided The Observatory with the most delightful marrying of panoramic views and functional living space in a high-rise we have yet to encounter. The Observatory, North Vancouver, B.C.  

It's this return to the qualities long associated with the single family home, i.e. the need for privacy, living space that brings the outdoors inside, old fashioned values like windows in the kitchen, natural light in the bathrooms and patios that are an extension of the living areas, which combine in this project to make an apartment in a high-rise feel like a bungalow with windows facing the Pacific."

Gail Ferrier,
Real Market Review

Hyatt Regency Sanctuary Cove, Australia   "I wanted to design more than a hotel. I wanted our firm to design a resort accommodation that would be recognized world wide as a superb prototype, yet be unique to the spirit of Sanctuary Cove. I wanted to make history."

Richard E. Hulbert
The Hulbert Group of Companies



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