Carriage Hills - Barrie, Ontario

The Hulbert Group International Incorporated served as design architects for Carriage Hills:  Noted as the most successful timeshare resort in Canada.

To enhance the vacation experience, the design concept was developed in response to a story line.  Based on historical fact, a story was invented that told of a carriage maker's son who immigrated from Europe to the site.  After developing a home in the tradition of his aristocratic parents and a workshop to build carriages, the site sat for many years before being purchased by the current developers.  The original home was converted to a common recreation facility, the original workshop was converted to a swimming pool and the two "historical buildings" were combined to create an exciting recreation complex that is filled with charm and a sense of history.  The "new" timeshare units are designed in response to and in respect of these "found" buildings.  The final result is a unique and memorable vacation experience.

Conceptual Rendering