Hyatt Regency at Sanctuary Cove- Gold Coast, Australia

The Hyatt Regency Hotel is the focal point for the Sanctuary Cove Resort.  The theme of the hotel complex is inspired by local history.

The original concept of the hotel was to provide a "home away from home" where guests could enjoy the services and amenities of the hotel in a relaxed atmosphere.  Guest room buildings are scattered through a wooded area where 134 different species of plants are grown.

The Hyatt Regency Sanctuary Cove Hotel is noted as being the first hotel in the world with 100% "regency class" suites.  At the time of its construction, the hotel's pool was the largest man made salt water swimming pool in the world.



The Clubhouse at Sanctuary Cove

Hyatt Regency at Sanctuary Cove

Patio Homes at Sanctuary Cove

Recreation Club at Sanctuary Cove

Terrace Homes at Sanctuary Cove

Yacht Club at Sanctuary Cove