Yacht Club Sanctuary Cove- Gold Coast, Australia

As one of three major "statement" buildings in the Marine Shopping Village, the Sanctuary Cove Tavern and Yacht Club complex is a fairly radical break away from the more traditional lines of the other structures.

Designed as a multi-purpose building, it acts as a navigation aid from some distance down the Coomera River, its expansive timber decks is a haven for thirsty sailors and visitors, and its sumptuous Yacht Club on the first floor is the hub of all sailing and watersports competitions as well as the focus for the social life of club members.

The major features of the building are twin white, triangular roof forms which sweep up from either side to a 14 metre high central vaulted roof, fixed sails covering both the tavern boardwalk area and the decks of the first floor yacht club, and six bowspirit-like structures fixed to the boardwalk which become part of the building's "rigging."

The Clubhouse at Sanctuary Cove

Hyatt Regency at Sanctuary Cove

Patio Homes at Sanctuary Cove

Recreation Club at Sanctuary Cove

Terrace Homes at Sanctuary Cove

Yacht Club at Sanctuary Cove