The Clubhouse at Sanctuary Cove- Gold Coast, Australia


Set on a hill and dominating the recreational precinct, the Country Club provides an elegant symbol and focus for the Sanctuary Cove Resort.  The 1500 square meter building has been designed to embrace and merge with the landscape.  With its low, broad eaves, transparent core and continuous marble floors and terraces, it offers a communion of indoor and outdoor space which epitomizes the meaning of "country club".

This emphasis is reinforced when patrons enter the building along an axis defined by a double row of columns marking a procession of outdoor and indoor spaces through the structure.  Greeting one at the Porte Cochere, this colonnade moves through the entrance to the rotunda, which is textured by light and shadow from the central tower above.

The Golf Course Clubhouse was initially the theme building for the overall development of Sanctuary Cove.  It was rated by international touring professionals as Australia's finest club house.

The Clubhouse at Sanctuary Cove

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